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About PreviMed, Inc.

The Company
Established in 2007, PreviMed, Inc. is a research and innovations firm that attacks important-but-tough problems in healthcare arena and tries to generate solutions that will reduce pain and suffering.

Our value systems allow us to:
  • Treat hurdles and roadblocks as temporary setbacks;
  • Move forward without being overly focused on generating profits;
  • Work with co-aligned institutions and research organizations in a shared success mindset


PreviMed is led by a small, nimble team of professionals very familiar with the current and emerging trends and needs where carefully researched Med-Tech solutions would provide relief and

Atul Salgaonkar, CEO/CTO, is a veteran technologist with many years as a researcher and, as an inventor/innovator, has also filed several patents. He  has worked at large companies (HP, Motorola, Intel) and has also spent several years at startups. Whenever possible, Atul participates in external events and has been invited to (and attended) numerous Tech Policy discussions. He has also contributed in various ways to organizations such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and NIH’s SBIR program. A detailed bio is available.

PreviMed also receives continuous guidance from a team of advisors, who are physicians, nurses, professors, researchers and subject matter experts. 

PreviMed has established win-win relationships with select consortia in the US, Europe, Canada and Japan and expects to expand the mutually cooperative arrangement to other regions.

The Team

Atul Salgaonkar, CEO and Founder
PreviMed’s leadership is represented by Atul Salgaonkar who is currently both CEO and CTO for the company. After leaving Intel in early 2007, Atul founded PreviMed. Atul brings over 20 years of experience with meaningful technology deployment and has worked in management roles at Fortune-100 companies (HP, Motorola, Omnicell, ..) and at several startups.

PreviMed’s Management Team includes other accomplished senior-level professionals who have contributed to the success at many Fortune-100 companies as well as focused start-ups. They have engaged in both technology selection and business building; launching products and rescuing botched mega-projects; orchestrating delicate strategies and driving adoption of standards.

All contributors at PreviMed are seasoned professionals with sound knowledge of latest tech offerings and bring extensive accomplishments in healthcare informatics and technology areas such as e-commerce, data security and telecommunications.

PreviMed's Healthcare Advisory Team consists of well-renowned authorities in the areas of hospital accreditation, patient safety, regulatory and legal compliance and medical ethics.

PreviMed team has membership in many industry and trade organizations including IEEE, HIMSS, AHIMA, AHIP, FMHA.

PreviMed, Inc. is headquartered in Silicon Valley/San Jose, CA, USA and engages with forward looking businesses of various dimensions.

  • PreviMed is self-funded by the principals and is compliant with the Stark Law (anti-kickbacks and no conflicting interests).
  • PreviMed is registered as a supplier to the United States Government for contribution opportunities in the Healthcare-related areas and is exploring United Nations initiatives (UNDP/UNICEF/ WHO) towards Global Health.
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