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PreviMed, Inc., based in Silicon Valley, California (incorporated in 2007) conducts research and invents solutions at the intersection of medicine and technology.

Ask About:

  • PreviMed’s “Impossible” projects and “Willing to Fail (For Now)” approach
  • PreviMed’s continuous engagement of clinical professionals –physicians, nurses, pharmacists - along with technical experts – university professors, researchers and subject matter experts.
  • PreviMed’s focus on patient safety, medication adherence, physician/nursing informatics, global public health, alongside the backdrop of international organizations (WHO, Joint Commission, ISO, UNICEF, NIH, NSF)

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• Wireless, Cellular, 802.11x, Mesh
• ZigBee, Bluetooth LE, Body Area Network (WPAN)
• SmartPhone (Android, iPhone, Windows)
• RFID, NFC, Bar Code, SAW
• DICOM, HL7, Image Management
• Speech Analysis, Synthesis
• Shared / Private Clouds


• mHealth, Tele-medicine
• Prevention and Wellness management
• Psychosomatic Ailments
• Remote/Home Monitoring
• Community and Population Health
• Social Media Tools
• Nursing/Point of Care/Patient Handoffs
• Positive patient id; Unique device id (UDI)


• Medical Device Integration
• Unconventional Tools for Pain Relief
• Stress and Impulse Management
• Cross-cultural Hospice and Palliative Techniques
• Quick, easy or inexpensive diagnostics
• Instruments for Behavioral Health
• Medical risk metrics

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